Thai Cruisine Thai Sweet Pork Rasher (Mhoo Wan)

Author: Nok   Date Posted:21 September 2012 

These are sweet caramelized pork in Thai style (Mhoo Wan). They usually serve with rice rrice mixed with shrimp paste.


.200 g Pork rashers

.100 ml.Water

.2 small red onion or shallots finely chopped

.3 tbs cooking oil

.100g Palm sugar

.3 teaspoons light soy sauce

.3 teaspoons dark soy sauce

.3 teaspoons soy sauce


1 Clean the pork and cut them into strip

2  Heat the oil in the wok  .Add red onion  and cook untill smell the onion.

3 Add pork , light soy sauce ,dark soy sauce ,soy sauce and water . Bring to a boil and simmer when the pork are tender add palm sugar  stir well and ready to serve 

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